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What is stick and poke meaning

Carrot (of sealing wax, celery, rhubarb, dynamite) Stange f ; (of chalk, shaving soap) Stück nt ; (Aviat: joystick) Steuerknüppel m ; (of bombs) Bombenladung f für Reihenabwurf; (Typ) Winkelhaken m ; a stick deodorant (Brit) a deodorant stick, a stick of deodorant ein Deostift.
They were sent to find sticks for firewood.
( be embedded ) he had a knife sticking into his back tenía una navaja clavada en la espalda.
In fact, the same erroneous explanation has been copy-pasted from one site to another!
To (cause to) be fastened together.( length of wood ) (trozo m de) madera f ; ( shaped ) palo m, vara f ; ( as weapon ) palo m, porra f ; ( walking stick ) bastón m ( Aer ) ( joystick ) palanca f de mando (.He stuck to his story se mantuvo firme en su versión de los hechos let's stick to the matter in hand ciñámonos al asunto, no perdamos de vista el tema principal I'd better stick to fruit juice creo que loto mauritius website seguiré con el zumo de frutas.The common signification is that they represent the path to enlightenment.To stick somebody with something (inf) ( lumber) jdm etw aufladen or aufhalsen (inf) ; (with bill) jdm etw andrehen vi (glue, burr etc) kleben ( to an dat to make a charge stick genügend Beweismaterial haben; youll never make it stick!Stick up vi dépasser, sortir Her hair is sticking up BUT Elle a les cheveux dressés sur sa tête.Unalome also appear on Buddha statues, mainly in Myanmar. .Bases include sushi rice or greens, and from there customers choose a protein like raw or marinated tuna or salmon.Old Norse stik, Old High German stehho, German Stecken "stick, staff from PIE *steig- "to stick; pointed" (see stick (v.).Cornelius casino de bourbon l archambault bourbon l archambault took his hat and stick, and said he would walk with her.9 Different Ways To Say Stupid.

This information is unclear since Unalomes often appears with spirals starting from the left and from the right within the same tattoo (as shown in the.
When my father is angry with me, my mother always sticks up for.
Able, or likely, to stick or adhere to other surfaces.You can even find Unalome drawn at the end of Pali phrases.(of a situation or person) difficult; awkward.Stuck (sth pointed) stecken ( in in dat it stuck in my foot das ist mir im Fuß stecken geblieben (Cards) halten ( project) his toes are stick ing through his socks seine Zehen kommen durch die Socken ; we could see Manfreds head stick.Ich halte das nicht mehr (länger) aus!VI ADV label, stamp adherirse, pegarse stick out stick to VI prep see stick 2 B1, B5 stick together.(inf) den Job kann er sich (dat) sonst wohin stecken (inf) ( decorate: with pearls) besetzen (Brit inf : tolerate) aushalten ; pace, pressure of work durchhalten ; I cant stick him/that ich kann ihn/das nicht ausstehen (inf) ; I cant stick it any longer!( tolerate ) supporter I can't stick it any longer BUT Je n'en peux plus.( esp Brit ) ( criticism ) the critics gave him a lot of stick los críticos le dieron una buena paliza to get or take a lot of stick recibir una buena paliza, tener que aguantar mucho.Vi ( protrude ) dépasser Her ears stick out BUT Ses oreilles sont décollées.