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Western fairground casino

Gateway's threat to move may be, at least in part, a negotiating tactic.
The last city council, whose term ended with the gagnants loto cirque du soleil October election, had fretted about the impact a large new casino would have on gambling addictions and other social effects in London.
Its president says that attraction has an economic spinoff in the region worth tens of millions of dollars and 5,000 jobs.
If that isn't enough to manage, the Western Fair District has a mandate as an agricultural society and partner of the city to provide cultural benefits that go beyond the bottom line.
But the private casino operator has been frustrated by slow-moving negotiations involving city hall and the Western Fair District."I'd like to see Gateway stay here and expand and grow their gaming.Losing the casino would clearly leave a large hole in Western Fair Districts attractions, but its president insisted its early days to really determine the ultimate impact.The casino helps the Fair District support horse racing and keep up with other costs.Complicating the talks further is that the city has a significant stake in the casino and with it, a seat at the negotiating table."They need to find all the ways to achieve that and get a reasonable return.At some point though, just like it may not make sense for them to be here, it may not make sense for us to have them here.Gateway would have to get rezoning for the site on Wonderland Road before it could build a casino.

Gateway took over casino operations from the Ontario government in both northern and Southwestern Ontario as the province began getting out of directly running gambling operations.
Council endorsed expanded gaming at Western Fair and later rezoned the property to allow the casino complex.
"We need to reach an understanding on a long-term business arrangement where each party has a win he said.
Next to N-J Spivak is the used car lot, 519 Cars.The current lease table de travail cuisine sur roulettes costs the company more than 6 million a year and is set to expire in 2020.They could move, but I'm hopeful and optimistic it won't get there.".Mitchell wasnt able to say how big the property was, or whether Gateways vision for the southwest property would resemble its intentions for the Western Fair District.And if a deal can't be reached?Weve been at this for quite some time now, and we expected to have shovels in the ground about a year ago or longer, Mitchell said.That lease is set to expire in March 2020, Gateways business model does not support paying that lease to us and supporting racing the way we want it to, so they made a private sector decision thats well within their rights to try and relocate.The Fair District site comes with room to expand, ample free parking, and proximity to the downtown core.I'm sensitive to their goals.