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Technique de planning poker

2014, Salah Elleithy Originally published as a part of the 2014 PMI Global Congress Proceedings Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Estimate size, derive duration (Cohn, 2006) is the key to answering this question.
A summary of the discussion is recorded,.g.
The team is given an opportunity to ask questions and discuss to clarify assumptions and risks.Let's take a look at the difference between those two models.Au minimum, il faut que tous les membres de léquipe de développement soient présents (en méthode de gestion de projet dsdm agile, il faudrait donc autour de la table le Business Analyst, le «team leader le «Business ambassador» et les «solution developers» et les «solution.Everyone calls their cards simultaneously by turning them over.Providing this type of information with reasonable accuracy is key to management.

Therefore, establishing the agile mindset and defining a set of values with a constant mechanism for feedback and alignment become critical for success.
In 2005 the, project Management Declaration of Interdependence (pmdoi) was created.
This is usually done using a deck of cards with a number on each card.The biggest assumption here is that one can specify a satisfactory system in advance, get bids for its construction, have it built and install.So, When Are Going To Be Done?Le secrétaire, quel que soit la méthodologie utilisée, le chef déquipe doit rédiger beaucoup de documentation.It is only natural for teams to go to one of these two extremes to avoid being blamed for providing wrong estimates.Être chef déquipe ne veut pas forcément dire faire du fonctionnel à 100 et arrêter toutes les tâches parallèles.The less agreement and certainty, the more complex the effort becomes.As the complexity of knowledge work continues to increase, teams can no longer afford to estimate the work using the same techniques that were used in the pre-knowledge era (industrial age) since those techniques have proven to be futile in knowledge work.Si vous êtes plus nombreux, procurez-vous au moins deux jeux de cartes.While the game has four fifteen-minutes quarters and therefore is 60 minutes long (ideal time everyone who has watched a game of American football knows it ends up taking three hours (elapsed time).