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Sinclair user poke cards

Code Masters Rock Star Goes Bizarre Rock Star Goes Bizarre To promote the launch of Rock Star Ate My Hamster (see below Code Masters Ltd and the Sun newspaper ran a competition with ten runners up prizes being special edition versions of the game called.
The third advert appeared in resultat du tirage du loto du samedi 10 fevrier 2018 the July 1985 issue of Computer Video Games.
The two follow-ups which were to be called "Trials Of gouverno poker Thenon" and "Tombs Of Taro" were mentioned in the April 87 issue of Crash.From Clive Townsend, Catman was :- "Planned to be a platformer where you could run jump on the walls and ceilings too." Critical Mass A WIP version of the Critical Mass loading screen has been recovered from a batch of media provided by Clive Townsend.The huge force-field protecting Earth is beginning to fade, and the original plans must be retrieved from the great city of Marsport, now occupied by the alien Sept.And the game was withdrawn.You can read all about the recovery here:- m/gtw64/daffy-duck/ Wacky Races - colour version The first stab at developing Wacky Races was handled by Mick Hanrahan and Robin Holman of Enigma Variations Ltd.Rabbit Software Jolly Roger aka Booty In the August 1984 issue of Your Spectrum, Jolly Roger was described as undergoing manufacture by Rabbit Software.Peet, Grace - Sunrise - August 29, 1930 Sunset - March 28, 2019 From Dad to Mom My day begins with your smile In her 89th year, Grace.

Ardonicus III The Raven A demo version of Ardonicus 3 by 8th Day Software was released on the A side of "The Raven the full game however was never released.
Gremlin Beaver Bob - In Dam Trouble The game was advertised in Crash and was even featured in a Crash competition for the design of a loading screen, but it was never released.
The game was then sold to another company Palmer Acoustics Ltd (Possibly PAL Developments Ltd) but was never released.
Thanks again to the sterling efforts of our sister site m/, the 50 complete C64 version of Tyger!
Congo Bongo Congo Bongo A conversion of the Sega coin-op, it was advertised for the C64 and Spectrum alongside Up 'n Down, but only the C64 version surfaced.Luckily the game was bundled on the All-Stars compilation a few months later in June 1988.A silhouette of the character "Glut" was to have run across the background.Part 1 was used for the 1996 Adventure Probe Convention Mega Points competition.The first two games were Jetpac released in August 1983 and Lunar Jetman which was released in February 1984.Bugs Bunny - Private Eye Despite Hi-Tec obtaining the licence for Bugs Bunny, it's unclear whether any development work was completed as no screenshots appeared in any of the mainstream magazines.The rights themselves were sold to Sinclair Research and development continued on a QL version.