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Even while claiming to résultat keno aujourd hui 12h be the best of friends, they are always heavily distrustful of one another.
Artistic License Law : In "Nemesis Lana threatened Lionel with the fact that she has power of attorney and is in charge of making his medical decisions.
She uses her Suicide Squad (or a member of it) to go after the JSA, not really caring that he kills a couple but killing him when he tried to kill everyone.
Clark e Lois passano la notte insieme mentre Lex si rade i capelli.
Clark comincia a fidarsi di nuovo di Chloe, che nel frattempo torna da Oliver.Because all fans know that Lois Lane is in Clark's future.Something Else Also Rises : In "Crush when Chloe makes out with a telekinetic, all of the small, heft-able objects in the room float up into the air.Dans la série, les origines de Doomsday ont été totalement récrites.Ultimately, this comes back to bite Lionel.

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She's mostly a Well-Intentioned Extremist, but she still has a lot of ulterior motives.
Kryptonite affects Clark differently depending on what color.
LuthorCorp Plaza : siège social des entreprises LuthorCorp.
Later seasons would establish that Lionel Luthor was the son of Scottish immigrants and that he was born into poverty and went from Rags to Riches.Questi e Oliver scoprono che il vero bersaglio dell'attentato a Martha era il reporter mentre Lionel trova Alexander, scoprendo che è lui l'attentatore di Martha e accettando la sua proposta di uccidere Clark.Lex would do practically the same exact thing to fake his death.Reusable Lighter Toss : In the Season 3 episode "Slumber" (averted and same season "Hereafter" (played straight) Revival Loophole : Tess is being pursued by Checkmate, who implanted her with a tracking device powered by her body.Corben tiene una fuerza superhumana e intenta vengarse del vigilante (Clark a quien acusa de irresponsable por una tragedia familiar."Somebody kill the carols.At least, not until the dreaded Dream Apocalypse.Jamie attacca il luogo dove si svolgono le prove della consegna delle chiavi della città a Booster Gold: Clark salva Cat mentre l'eroe proveniente dal futuro riesce a spingere Jamie a controllare l'armatura sotto gli occhi della "macchia".Victoria came to the Luthor mansion and led Lex to believe that she was playing on Lex's dislike for his father so that her own father could buy out LuthorCorp.