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Roulette roomba

roulette roomba

A few months later, when he returns, the king catches his brother in bed with his wife and sentences him to death by a form of torture known as the " Blood Eagle in which the victim is stabbed in the back, his ribcage.
Instead, he shoots an arrow through a self-portrait he had commissioned and gets electrocuted when he grabs it after it hit an electrical wire.
"Withdrawn (see Your Head Asplode below) "Mexi-Can't A man tries to break his friend (who was arrested for hitting on the mayor's 13-year-old daughter) out of jail in a small Mexican town by using his car to rip the window bars out.
The woman he stuck up comes along just 1010 animais poki to take her purse back."Rebel Without a Pulse A Civil War soldier from a squad who hasn't heard that the war ended is sentenced to die via firing squad for deserting his men.During the segment, the concept of a furry is explained by some loser in a piss-poor fursuit.For that, he got to die a peaceful death with his beloved daughter at his side instead of being, say, caught in an explosion or mauled by wild animals or torn a new asshole.See also the Darwin Awards, which are based upon essentially the same thing.Playing chicken with a stick of lit homemade explosives in your mouth.However, the moment the rapist calls the boxer a "lady the boxer snaps letting the rapist know that he's no lady and gives the rapist a right cross in the temple so strong that it causes the rapist's dim brain to compress inside the skull.Penis De Milo: A man creates a statue to fill the void of his wife leaving him because of his art obsession.

And the belly dancer who accidentally hanged herself when she tossed her scarf in the air while practicing for an upcoming contest.
Sure he yells and screams at his two friends, but they were more interested in fooling around than helping him.
The Chinese heavy metal fan who slipped and fell out his bedroom window with his roommate and fellow rocker jumping out after him.
However, there was a good reason why there was a "NO live animals" sign.Another one from the "I Drank What?" file: A guy and his girlfriend who steal luggage from airport terminals find a bottle of what he thinks is expensive rum.Subverted in the story of the Lady Drunk who went to her recovering alcoholic husband's sobreity party and made an ass of herself.Groin Attack : The zoophilic Russian soldier who tries to rape a raccoon after getting cockblocked by a fellow soldier.She only allowed paying customers to kiss her on the cheek and also stole money for charity.He then peeks out through the rear doors, just as one of the cops' bullets strikes Tyrone in the chest and causes him to slam into the doors - crushing Eddie's neck between them.He succeeds in escaping the police officer but ends up falling into an open loto cappelle la grande manhole (the lid of which was stolen by another scavenger earlier in the segment).