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Roulette 50 ktm

roulette 50 ktm

2013 KTM?85SXS:?Would you spend an extra 650 on a bike equipped with aftermarket trinkets, yet is eligible for the poker all events Stock class?
It looks great on the showroom floor, but it renders the graphic useless on the track.
KTM equips the 85SXS with a very nice PowerParts starting button.With a fair amount of money and a bit of elbow grease, a mini parent could turn an 85SX into an 85SXS, but, there is one major problem with this scenario.This engine rips and roars, especially with the different ignition and FMF pipe and silencer combo.This is a good thing.A: The Austrians have done a masterful job of continuing to develop their line of two-strokes, and the 85cc is no exception.Imagine lining up at the gate on a bike with gigantic technological and performance advantages over the competition.In the words of a tester, I can heat up the shock in 20 minutes with every other bike.Even if a cheater tried to pass off his SX as an SXS, the AMA would check the serial numbers and disqualify him.Q: HOW does THE KTM 85SXS handle?First AND foremost, whats ALL THE hubbub about THE KTM 85SXS?

Q: HOW much does THE 2013 KTM 85SXS retail FOR?
So what makes the KTM stand out?
We cut out the verbiage and kept the graphic outline.
Q: what DO WE really think?
Very fast riders will notice that the thick fork stanchion tubes prevent flexing, providing a more stable feel in the front end.Sources say that the FMF pipe/silencer pairing adds 1-1/2 horsepower to the package.A: Have you ever dreamed that you were in school, standing in front of the class giving a presentation, when you suddenly realized that everyone was laughing at you because you had no clothes on?It is entirely possible, not to mention relatively easy, to buy a 2013 KTM 85SX and slap on the PowerParts items found on the 85SXS.KTM uses high-performance, aftermarket parts on their showroom-stock mini bikes, and then produces enough of these machines to meet the AMA homologation limit, making them legal in the Stock class.To meet the homologation requirements, KTM built several hundred of the bikes, many of which sold before they hit showroom floors.