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Poker study group discord

poker study group discord

Maybe youre no longer taking time on river decisions.
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As I study and learn things, I will place the material as best I can into one of those buckets.
Gano runs a study group on the popular Discord chat platform, and you can find many more online study groups by poking around in poker forums and asking around your local poker room or home game.
Equilab is the one Gano recommends in the free software category, because it saves ranges.Essentially, tactics are your playbook, and with a strong playbook, you can find tons of extra pots to fight for along the way.You can always go and play in anonymous games online and then you dont need play with a HUD.Folding everything except for 2pair is NOT a strategy.The bad news is that most tactical advice is garbage.Flopzilla (PC) A carte de jeux facebook low-cost software that has changed the way I study, visualize, and exploit the game.In The Mental Game of Poker, Jared Tendler talks about doing an A to C game analysis.Spend time on balanced strategy and exploitative strategy.It can help to cultivate your capacity for awareness through techniques such as mindfulness and meditation.

The game is to see how many he can do this in a row.
To how often does that K give my opponent a flush on the river?
If you find that being positive and constructive is just not in your range today, have no fear - we have a special discussion channel called #padded_tilt_room.
No number of tables can be prescribed because it depends on the game and the site.
There are many different types of unstudied players.Youre smiling, relaxed, picking great spots.Wellhere goes nothing, poker IN 4 phases, when I begin to learn anything new, I do my best to figure out the overarching big pieces of the puzzle.When were tilted, we start rationalizing to play longer.It helps to have strong awareness to play your A game, and know immediately when it is lapsing.Building a profitable strategy requires a lot of time and its not something you can teach in a 10 minute video or a 1K word article.Play extra hands between real-money sessions, get actual advice on your lines, and see which line the AI would suggest.The good news is this: most content you will find will be tactical in nature.Grab your copy of nltap Applications Of nlhe Not for the faint of heart, this book takes a deep-dive into the math and application of poker.Become familiar with basic stats.Bookmark my free poker video page and check back regularly Free Poker Playbook This free email course sends you 8 plays that we run on a regular basis.Good poker coaches will explain the math and assumptions used when discussing lines.