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Mallow, Sophocles, Lana and Lillie caught up to planet hollywood resort & casino booking Ash and Kiawe, who left earlier to pub loto poulet go help Ash, as they watch them show off their muscle with Buzzwole, much to their displeasure.
The Klutz : She is not careful, that much can be said.
Kiawe's first battle against Team Rocket, blasting them off instantly with Turtonator's Inferno Overdrive.Everyone was delighted with Mallow's food, for she used Lillie's recipe.After the school was over, Mallow and Ash bid their friends farewell, including Lillie, who decided to walk around town with her Vulpix, Snowy.Main teacher of Ash (who's staying at his house for the duration of this series, for now) and the Alola crew.Language Barrier : Unlike most other Pokémon, Team Rocket's Meowth is unable to understand what Poipole is saying.

57 Mallow with her dad, Abe, were getting ready for the Alola Bread Festival but her dad fell and hurt his back which leaves in no condition to participate in the festival.
In the morning, by the way which is a time when it would normally be dozing away per the usual!
Komala is a Pokémon that hangs out in the trees around the school.
Adaptational Badass : Marowak in the games are fairly powerful, but have mediocre speed.
Cuteness Proximity : Rapp really loves cute Pokemon, and even draws her Zubat in a cute style.Shock and Awe : Part Electric-type, and knows Discharge.Averted if it uses Shell Smash, as it's shown to be far faster after using.Uncatty Resemblance : Much like loto québec pou Togedemaru, Charjabug is a short, stout Pokémon, and blatantly lacks Togedemaru's energetic personality to make him even more like its trainer.Genki Girl : She's very excitable, but this often causes her to get carried away when she's rolling around, accidentally causing her to crash into objects, people (usually Ash) and other Pokémon in the process.Genius Bruiser : Strongest trainer of Melemele Island, and it's explicitly stated that he's the one who crafts Z-Rings to give to potential trainers, including the Z-Ring Tapu Koko gave Ash.However, she eventually realizes that this obsession is getting in the way of her family life, and is completely turned on its head when it makes her easily fall under Nihilego's control.Though he's not entirely wrong, as the whole reason he did it was to impress her.29 Mallow went with her friends, except Ash and Lana, to Kiawe's farm.The kanji of "seiun" are comprised by the kanji for "hoshi" "star and "kumo" "cloud.Snowy spends most of her screen time babied by Lillie, though is alarmingly powerful for a newborn.It roughly translates to "Snowball" in English.Adaptation Expansion : In the games, it was only described as being similar to an Ultra Beast.Kukui even notes the oddity of one Pokémon raising another of a different type.When a group of Pokémon are overheated, tapping any of them or tapping the area's sign can restore the whole group's condition, and they will not become overheated until another 25 hours have passed (counted in sync with the time they started their bath, not.

After the training was over, Mallow explained she was training for the Pokémon Pancake race, where the winner would receive the one year supply of pancakes.