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Poke assistant ivs

poke assistant ivs

Your Pokémon has IVs of 0-7 in the above-mentioned stat categories.
You can do this several times if you are still getting multiple results.
Knowing your Pokémons strength(s) can help you better gauge how to use.
Each Pokemon in the game is pokememes page 8 unique.Its incredible!: Your Pokémon has perfect IVs in the above-mentioned stat categories.Using the IV Calculator With all that info in mind, you can now move to the IV calculator.If two or all three of its stats are equal, shell mention that, too.And I definitely wont want to put him on a gym, because his low stamina wont last long.By memorizing your team leaders phrases, youll quickly be able to gauge a Pokémons general perfection right after you catch.Further logic lets me know that its other two stats probably arent very goodat least one of them is going to be quite low.82.2 (37/45) 100 (45/45) Overall, your Pokémon Name is really strong!

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Your Results are In!
Heres a quick breakdown of each team leaders statements and what they actually mean for your Pokémon : Blanche: Team Mystic, overall, your Pokémon Name is a wonder!
Im blown away by its stats.Heres the breakdown: Im blown away by its stats.This will let you know whether a Pokémon is better at attacking, defending, or can outlast its opponentsor if its not worth using at all.But they can make up to a 10 difference in attack, defence, or stamina.Until now, there wasnt a clear way to know your Pokémons exact values.IVs are not as impactful in GO as in the main series games.You can also tick the box for whatever your team leader says your Pokémons best quality is to help refine the results.

Before we get into how to use an IV calculator, however, lets first talk about Pokémon GOs new appraisal system.
0 (0/45).9 (22/45) After this initial analysis, hell tell you its strongest attribute: Attack, HP, or Defense.