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149 Shu Mai Voice: Chris Truswell ( Attack of the Clones ) President of the Commerce Guild and member of the Separatist Council.
Later when Darth Maul is captured by Darth Sidious, Almec sends two Mandalorian warriors to rescue him.
Obi-Wan Kenobi Alec Guinness ( Episodes ivvi 22 Ewan McGregor ( Episodes iiii ) 22 Voice: James Arnold Taylor ( The Clone Wars and Rebels young 22 Stephen Stanton ( Rebels old) Wise and skilled Jedi Master who trains Anakin and later Luke Skywalker.
Living in isolation on Shantipole, he is later brought into the Rebel Alliance by Hera Syndulla to oversee development of more B-wings.206 Darth Plagueis N/A Sith Lord mentioned in Revenge of the Sith who was obsessed with finding the key to immortality.He works closely with the Seventh Sister.He serves as the namesake of the Resistance MC85 Star Cruiser known as the Raddus in The Last Jedi.Retrieved December 20, 2017.163 Later serves as Chancellor of the New Republic and is a major influence in relocating the galactic capital from Coruscant to Hosnian Prime following the defeat of the Empire."Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith".Retrieved April 12, 2019.A b Wolverton, Dave (December 1996).Cin Drallig Nick Gillard ( Revenge of the Sith ) Voice: Robin Atkin Downes ( The Clone Wars ) Jedi Master who serves as the battlemaster of and head of security for the Jedi Temple in the final days of the Clone Wars.She is aboard the ship when the young Anakin Skywalker destroys.

144 He loses his leg when pursuing the Sand People who had kidnapped Shmi.
Captain Quarsh Panaka Hugh Quarshie ( The Phantom Menace ) Captain of the Queen Amidala's guard in The Phantom Menace.
He is murdered by his son, Kylo Ren, after a failed attempt to turn his son from the dark side.He is among the Nightbrothers selected by Asajj Ventress as a potential candidate to assassinate Count Dooku, and survives to the final round with his brother.Aks Moe Mark Coulier ( The Phantom Menace ) Voice: Marc Silk ( The Phantom Menace ) Gran serving in the Galactic Senate in The Phantom Menace.Temiri and his friends, Oniho Zaya and Arashell Sar, work for Bargwill Tomder in the Fathier stables in Canto Bight.Elderkin, Beth (July 6, 2016).Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary.219 Quiggold Scott Richardson ( The Force Awakens ) Voice: Chris Clarke ( The Force Awakens ) Gabdorian pirate seen in The Force Awakens in Maz Kanata's castle when Finn tries to buy passage to the Outer Rim from Quiggold and his captain Sidon Ithano.Jocasta Nu Alethea McGrath ( Attack of the Clones ) Voice: Flo DiRe ( The Clone Wars ) Jedi librarian killed by Darth Vader during Order.235 The character originally appeared in the Star Wars Legends series the Thrawn trilogy, in which he assassinates Thrawn.