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Player Reports, we will only take action against a player if we can substantiate rule breaking activity from our system logs.
We will need to verify an item did exist before we can replace it for you.
We strongly believe that high quality player support is beneficial for everyone.
Lost Items, losing items is seemingly something that does happen in the game currently, and weve added tracking to make sure we can find out where these items are going and fix any bugs that may be causing problems.Please resultat du loto de samedi 17 janvier 2015 do still send them in though, as they will be useful in our investigations.Privacy and security, our player support team can only deal with you, and the details of your account whenever you contact.Gary Stevenson, yoWorld Team, big Viking Games.

Our team will concentrate on providing one on one player support solely via this system for efficiency, privacy and oversight reasons.
If a response is needed, the time frame for our reply will depend on how many other tickets we have to deal with, but rest assured well get to you.
Inappropriate Names, if you bypass the name filter and call yourself something rude or profane, we can and will permanently change your name to either whatever your Facebook name is, or something decidedly uncool like Wadsworth Featherbottom.
This means we cannot give you details about someone elses account, any support interactions with them, nor can we give them items on your behalf, including your coins or yocash.
If an account has many fraudulent items, YoCash that cannot be accounted for or other obvious signs of hacking, permanent bans will remain in place.Contact us using the Help tab in-game.It will be sent to the email address you provided when you filled out the contact form, so make sure its correct!Please make sure you read what each form is for before you fill one.Unfortunately we are unable to recover items lost prior to May 13th for technical reasons.We now have an openly accessible set of contact forms for players to use above the game.We apologize for the inconvenience probabilité roue loterie and appreciate your understanding on this.We have no current plans to provide support via twitter or similar channels, however mcdonalds fr jeux 100 gagnant this may change.Additionally, further bans will be handed out for obvious hackers who had escaped security measures previously.When you submit the form, a ticket sent to our team where it will be reviewed.There will be more than is listed here, but we wanted to make these particular ones known right away as we anticipate they will generate the most feedback.Questions, comments or concerns?You can click the Help tab to find them.