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V39:5-19-23 (1996) PDF 364.9KB* Evan, Assistant Managing Editor of Newsweek, was given one-time access in 1995 to review classified Agency historical records while writing The Very Best Men.
James, "Honoring Two World War II Heroes", Stud.
V18:1-61-67 (Spring 1974) PDF 453.4KB* Praises the author for raising important questions about governmental decisionmaking but criticizes the application of theory to Soviet behavior in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.
If you jeu de casino en ligne utilisant paypal don't already have Adobe Reader installed, you may download the current version at m (opens in a new window).Spring 1998:71-83, PDF 268.8KB* In response.V4:3-A1-A13 (Summer 1960) PDF 624KB* Pekel, Kent, "Integrity, Ethics, and login loto quebec the CIA", Stud."A Study in Indications Methodology" Bofrone, Kenneth., "Intelligence Photography", Stud.V39:5-61-69 (1996) PDF 1013.3KB* Recounts the three-year effort to declassify and release to the public the imagery collected by first US reconnaissance satellites, which were in use between 19The effort culminated in an unclassified conference on satellite intelligence that took place in May 1995.General see Woolsey,.

V11: (Summer 1967) PDF 134.3KB* A useful and forthcoming Thai military source clearly lies about one possible bomb target.
Book review.B.
Summer 2000, No 9:51-63, PDF.1MB* Kovner, Milton, "Pricing Soviet Military Exports", Stud.
1, 1997: 1-5, PDF 285.9KB* Tribute to the DCI (1973-1976 whose campaign for greater CIA openness failed to win support from the Nixon Administration, Congressional investigators bent on exaggerated past Agency wrongdoing, and former Directorate of Operations colleagues.V8:1-65-66 (Winter 1964) PDF 108KB* Whitman, John, "On Estimating Reactions", Stud.V7: (Summer 1963) PDF 201KB* Classic 1962 study of 1941 intelligence failure points to lack of coordination of collected information, biases about enemy intentions, effective denial and deception, and excessive secrecy as bases for strategic surprise.Clotworthy, Orrin, "Some Far-Out Thoughts on Computers", Stud.V17:2-1-6 (Summer 1973) PDF 373.9KB* Murphy, Mark, "The Exploits of Agent 110", Stud.Mull, Alexander, "Notes on the Wennerström Case", Stud.V17:2-39-69 (Summer 1973) PDF 773.9KB* Troy, Thomas., "Truman on CIA"., Stud.V36: (1992) PDF 691.5KB* State Department sent first coded message in 1866, soon after the completion of the trans-Atlantic cable.Of Spies and Lies: A CIA Lie Detector Remembers Vietnam by John.V48:2-1-11 (2004) PDF.9MB* Bundy, William., "The Guiding of Intelligence Collection", Stud.V38:5-1-5 (1995) PDF 396.6KB* May, Lowell., "Centralized Requirements in the DIA", Stud.Book review by Abbot.Ed., V46:3-35-40 (2001) PDF 310.7KB* Argues that the decades-old model of intelligence analysis, which focused on explaining developments to policymakers in an objective, neutral fashion, is no longer valid.V20:1-53-64 (Spring 1976) PDF 827KB* Brandwein, David., "Confessions of a Former usib Committee Chairman", Stud.

Stresses vigilance and general caution to avoid detection by hostile counterintelligence and blowback of exposure on Soviet foreign policy initiatives.
Avery, Donald see Torrey, Gordon, "Postal Forgeries in Two World Wars" Top of page "B-29s Against Coke Ovens".