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Funny pokedex entries

Their eyesight improves, slightly.
The first and most obvious of these changes being a change in physical appearance.
In fact, there is little enough connection that it was some time before the evolutionary link between the two breeds was discovered, as their only real link is that they're flying-types without any inherent method of flight.
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Interestingly enough, Polilusts have an ongoing rivalry with Hotties and their evolutions, often pointing out the fact that the girls are toads while Polilust and their forms are frogs, and often get quite angry with anyone who dares mix up the two.They differ from Dameosaurs in that they go fish poke dallas nutrition lack the spiked toe-claws or the sharp teeth in their normal mode.It should be noted that the LickingTongue's tongue is always covered in rather viscous, sticky saliva, which originates from a set of small sacks inside her cheeks.Pool Mice have quite sensitive tails and not in an erotic way.While remaining nicely smooth for the most part, and intricately hinged around the joints, there are points where the exoskeleton is like armor.In battles, if they are allowed to fly, they prefer to rain down their attacks from a distance by pinning the opponent with Gravity and then showering the target with their exclusive Obsidian Rain or less-exclusive Feather Shuriken techniques.Pool Mice also have a greater sense of fun, loving to play with anyone who will join them in a game.(The favorite food of all targets, the Lady Luck, and her party will appear in their hands.) No viable combination - Trouble.

The first difference is that the Orcunts are usually smaller than their Baleena sisters, normally between the heights of six and seven and a half feet.
Studies have shown that the armor is completely sterile and remains that way no matter what touches.
They always try to get everyone in the Harem to get along, and become very sad if someone is angry.Scientists have almost given up completely trying to classify the rarity of the breed, as their penchant for illusions makes tracking them difficult.Her feet are clawed, with a back-toe that allows her to have a sure grip on a surface.While most of a Phoenix's feathers are still brown, they now seem to have red highlights.It is a cruel, cruel thing to loan a Killer Queen out to another tamer for the night, they will never be the same again.Rip the Mortal Form (ATK 20 This allows the Polterkissed to attack from a position of relative safety, ash she is tecnically incorporal hwile attacking.The first is when the user is only 1/6 of her standard size.Nagas are half-snake, half-human hybrids which have the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a snake.Although Whore-oh was, to Sukebe, a dismal failure, he wasn't quite ready to stop making new Legendaries just yet.Plot Bunnies are passive/aggressive in what they inspire.One thing to keep in mind also is that like a HentaiCute, Psifey enjoy playing the same game of 'Living Dildo' with her various partners during a Taming Session.

If they are then the similarities stop because a Mimicall's skin appearance and color will change and they will gain light weight armor based on what they're possessing.
She can telekinetically fly, and often creates a force-field around herself for protection.