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font awesome slot

The first 4 icons use their normal width.
Ts Import the icons you want to use in your template and create an instance variable import faHandPointLeft, faHandPointRight brievenbus sloterdijk from @Component( selector: 'app-home templateUrl: 'ml styleUrls: 'ss' ) export class HomePage faHandPointLeft faHandPointLeft; faHandPointRight faHandPointRight;.
The slot does not have access to navigation-link s scope.
ion-card-content /ion-card ion-card ion-card-content fa-icon icon fas 'asterisk border"true" size"2x" Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ei cum possit denique, debet mundi sit.Notice that the name is not the same as the name from the import statement.Slot Content, vue implements a content distribution API inspired by the.p p And another one.fa-icon fa-icon ml By default, only specifying the name references the icons from the solid library (fas).See here for the deprecated syntax using the slot attribute.See here for the new, recommended syntax.However, you can still wrap default slot content in a template if you wish to be explicit: base-layout template v-slot:header h1 Here might be a page title /h1 /template template v-slot:default p A paragraph for the main content.Import FaIconService from export class AppComponent constructor(private faIconService: FaIconService) faultPrefix 'far The Angular FontAwesome library supports many options to transform and combine icons.

Ts In the same module file import library and the icons you need for your application.
Text /slot /li /ul Now when we use the todo-list component, we can optionally define an alternative template for todo items, but with access to data from the child: todo-list v-bind:todos"todos" template v-slot:todo" todo " span todo.
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p /template template v-slot:footer p Here's some contact info /p /template /base-layout Either way, the rendered html will be: div class"container" header h1 Here might be a page title /h1 /header main p A paragraph for the main content.
The rationale for introducing the new syntax is described in this.The full rationale for introducing v-slot is described in this RFC.ion-card ion-card-content fa-icon icon fas 'asterisk border"true" size"2x" pull"left" /fa-icon Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ei cum possit denique, debet mundi sit.navigation-link As a rule, remember that: Everything in the parent template is compiled in parent scope; everything in the child template is compiled in the child scope.Transform allows you to scale, position, flip and rotate icons arbitrarily.You have reached your max collections allowed.Slots can contain any template code, including html: navigation-link url profile"!- Add a Font Awesome icon - span class"fa fa-user" /span Your Profile /navigation-link Or even other components: casino sud est navigation-link url profile"!- Use a component to add an icon - font-awesome-icon Your Profile /navigation-link If navigation-link.For 60 a year you get additional access to more than 3500 icons, total over 5000 icons.For example, imagine a current-user component with the following template: span slot stName /slot /span We might want to replace this fallback content to display the users first name, instead of last, like this: current-user rstName /current-user That wont work, however, because only the current-user.And 1,675,000 icons or, choose your 3 favourite collections.Ts @NgModule( declarations: AppComponent, HomePage, entryComponents:, imports: BrowserModule, FontAwesomeModule, CommonModule, HttpClientModule, dule.

Instead of registering the icons per component you can add them to a library in your module file.
Scoped Slots Updated.6.0.