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O'Brien is the only major.
After successfully defending the station, Smiley sent Sisko back home (Episode: " Shattered Mirror.
All that said, Miles uses a straightforward and common-sense approach toward the issues he faces.
O'Brien can also be seen playing the cello as part of Data's string quartet early in the TNG episode " The Ensigns of Command ".Picard (TNG: "Redemption Part.Free Happy Smileys, happiness is a gift, but the best we can do is offer you 3 packed pages of free happy smileys!My fave smiley on this page has to be Taz though, the detail is pretty good for such a small GIF!However, Bashir was able to persuade him to help after he realised that anything had to be better than being a slave."The Minstrel Boy" is the first musical theme to be heard in the flashback sequence.The character of Miles O'Brien was transplanted from TNG to DS9 at the beginning of the latter show.

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In the story, Miles O'Brien transfers from the Enterprise-D to Deep Space Nine in the DS9 premiere episode " Emissary to serve as the station's chief of operations.
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While he was aboard Deep Space 9, Smiley took the opportunity to download a large portion of the station's database, including the schematics for the USS Defiant.Smiley used the stolen specifications to build a warship, which they named Defiant.Si certains ont une âme de créateur et qui veulent bien partager leurs réalisations, il suffit de m'envoyer un petit mail et je mettrai les fichiers sur le site!A la recherche d'un smiley animé ou d'une émoticone animée?Miles' style of command can be classified as generally hands-on with an emphasis on "thinking on your feet" when solving problems.At the end of Deep Space Nine, O'Brien and his family depart the station to move back to Earth, where Miles is to serve as an engineering professor at Starfleet Academy.Le site propose également des images facebook à tagguer et des avatars.This is of course the most popular (and original) type of smiley about.When Smiley met a Julian Bashir from another universe in the ore processing center, he initially thought that Bashir's "wild" tales of his counterpart being Chief of Operations was simply a ruse to get him to help Bashir.