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Adaptive Service Composition based on Runtime Verification pres.
Open.0 Fixed bug in reductor -taucompression -divergence Rewrote history entries #984 and #996 Released beta-version cadp 2004-j Changed API of function caesar_read_solve_1 Changed API of function caesar_write_solve_1 Enhanced caesar to avoid Intel compiler ICC.0 warnings Enhanced BCG tools to avoid Intel compiler ICC.
Rtcp-nets Modeling and Verification soft.
Systems using cadp publ.The aZiZa Tool for mesas de poker peru Heterogeneous Behavioural Models soft.Distributed Controller for the Production Cell Benchmark publ.Garavel at opct'17 pres.Fault-Tolerant Routing Algorithm for a Network-on-Chip appl.Analysis of Security Guidelines for Program Certification soft.

Fiacre is based upon the ntif format New Technology Intermediate Form developed at inria, and the cotre language Composants Temps Réel developed within the cotre rntl project.
Synchronizability and Realizability of Asynchronous Systems soft.
Detection of Data Breaches in Banking Transaction Processes appl.
Coordination of Autonomic Managers in the Cloud Released cadp version 2018-c "Uppsala" (change list) Released cadp version 2018-b "Uppsala" (change list) A Catalog of Tools for the Quantitative Zoo World map of cadp users in 2017 Published the cadp Newsletter -.10 soft.Thus, the topcased and openembedd projects are building on the efforts of two communities, model-driven software engineering and computer-aided verification, to provide industry with development tools that integrate the recent results of these communities.Since developing dedicated tools for each language would be too expensive, it is desirable wherever possible to employ tool developments that can be reused for several languages.Hypermanager for Reconfigurable Component-Based Systems soft.Several teams are developing transformations from graphical languages into fiacre: transformations from aadl and SDL have been specified by irit and Communication Systems, and a transformation from Signal/Polychrony has been developed at inria Rennes.The topcased project (Toolkit in Open source for Critical Applications and SystEm Development) of Aerospace Valley Pôle de compétitivité' in aerospace activities) has developed an extensible toolbox that provides graphical environments for mission-critical systems engineering.Pid " files Changed "caesar_graph.Verification of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks appl.Details, hits: 15878 by Bernard Berthomieu, Hubert Garavel, Frédéric Lang and François Vernadat.Test Case Generation pres.The groove Tool for Verification with Graph Rewriting appl.Analysis of Compositional State Space Generation Released cadp version 2019-b "Pisa" (change list) appl.Open.0 Modified eucalyptus to support all bisimulator/evaluator options Fixed eucalyptus bug when comparing a ".bcg" to an ".aut" file Modified eucalyptus to give access to reductor V5 Added -format option to BCG_IO for generating etmcc format Fixed errors in exec/caesar's C code for empty'.Txt" demo files according to W Renamed caesar into caesar.